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Price Parity in Agriculture trade in India and Role of Market Galee

Posted By - Admin 29 September 2017

India is Second largestagricultural produce in the world. Contributing 16% to overall GDP, India’sagricultural industry stands at roughly 322 Billion Dollar.
            Despite,being one of major contributor to GDP, the price parity in agriculture industryis almost nonexistent.
In a small survey conducted by Market Galee inSeptember 2016, on average Tomato prices by state, astonishing results werefound (Figure 1). The prices across the states fell on a rather large spectrumwith highest price being as much as 600% higher than lowest selling price

Following reasons were identified as major drivers of price imparity-
  1. Notransparency on supply and demand
  2. Incompleteand inefficient Broken -and-Farmer network
  3. Invisiblebuyers and closet seller
  4. Foodwaste with ineffective selling options
MarketGalee has determined that with high growth rate of mobile user subscription andnewer 
has created a list of 100 smart cities with 500 additionalcities that have potential to be the network of its smart pricing strategy. The model depicted in figure 2. Shows the wayMarket Galee can help its customers.

It involves some very simple steps

1. One time market galee portalregistration,
2. Take a picture and post an ad
3. Connect with Farmers, Brokers,Wholesalers
4, Make a deal
5. Cashless transaction
6. Rate each other and build ayour network

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